mail art Dream Project - dedicated to Marilyn Dammann "Shadow"

In this project I want to gather the dreams in the textual or visual versions from all those who want to share them. If you want, you can send to me your dreams via snail mail or via e-mail. You find the addresses in my profile.

sabato, gennaio 13, 2007

Alfonso Caccavale


Blogger William A. e a gravura said...

Cade meu link?

participe e divulgue.

Mail Art Call

Theme: Letter
Technique: Free
Deadline: 05/06/07
The mail art will be post in site:

Send to:
William A.
Rua do Mulungú, s/n
46830-000 Andaraí BA

4:51 AM, marzo 21, 2007  
Blogger belinha said...

Hello dear blogger!
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All I need is your vote. Click to vote. Insert your email and press ENVIAR.Then validate the vote when you get an email. It may go to your spam box.(Hotmail does not work)Vote if you like, spread the word if you can!Thank you very much!

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12:57 PM, maggio 08, 2007  
Blogger **rosy** said...

Hola , por fin puedo visitarte .
Un abrazo !

4:04 AM, giugno 11, 2007  

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