mail art Dream Project - dedicated to Marilyn Dammann "Shadow"

In this project I want to gather the dreams in the textual or visual versions from all those who want to share them. If you want, you can send to me your dreams via snail mail or via e-mail. You find the addresses in my profile.

mercoledì, settembre 14, 2005

Johnny Jane

I just happened to have done a card referring to dreams. Amazing. I have pre-cogninitive dreams. Trouble is I can’t distinguish between them and “ordinary” dreams. I only realize they are pre-cogninitive when the dreams come true.
Oddly or not the dreams are not about the precognition of events. Rather, what I see in my dreams are places or things to which I have have never been before.
Some people may say: “ Oh, you’ve been by these places before just never paid attention to them”. This is not the case. The dreams are places where I have never been. In one case I dreamed of a house on a hill. In this case, I had been by the hill before. Before long a house like the one I saw in my dream was built where previously
no house had been.