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venerdì, settembre 02, 2005

Dawn Amato

(of love and spaceships and you)
I dreamed I saw St. Augustine, Alive with fiery breath I Dreamed I Had a Girl in My Pocket I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, Alive as you and me I dreamed I had gone to that city That city where never comes night I dreamed I was trapped in a miniature golf course Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow I Dreamed I Moved Among The Elysian Fields I dreamed I killed God and woke up I dreamed I saw a mighty room, The room was filled with men. And the papers they were signing said They'd never fight again. I dreamed I already loved you. I dreamed I already killed you. But you rose again; another form I dreamed I died, ended up at the gates of Heaven I Dreamed I Was A Ballerina Recently I dreamed I talked to you. You were in the desert, and you said That I would never want for love, I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky I Dreamed I Was in a Hollywood Movie I dreamed I played basketball with Michael Jordan Last Night I Dreamed I Saw My Mother Young I dreamed I was being crushed by a lot of snakes I dreamed I could fly and got away from all the horrible people I Dreamed I Was St. Francis in My Maidenform Bra Last night I dreamed I tried to kiss you. I very much wanted to. But I finally understood that you don't love me ...not like that. I dreamed I saw Maimonides On the downtown train Fighting with a homeless man I Dreamed I Was Elvis I Dreamed I Was Walking Into World War Three I Dreamed I Was An Eskimo I dreamed I lived in a castle in Spain I dreamed I had an interview with God I Dreamed I Lived Like A Princess In Rome I dreamed I was there in hillbilly heaven Oh, what a beautiful sight! I Dreamed I Lay Where Flowr's Were Springing Last night, Last night I dreamed I went to. Manderly again I dreamed I was an astronaut who landed on the moon: I dreamed I walked in zero-g but fell to Earth too soon. I dreamed I saw a million angels Coming forth to rescue me I dreamed I lost my teeth I dreamed I was a gypsy riding the land With a tambourine and a gypsy king Last night I dreamed I had insomnia. I woke up exhausted I dreamed I was Jesus with amnesia in a white desert, cold, barren DO I DREAM HE'S STANDING BY THE DOOR I dreamed I was a sailor I dreamed I was a mermaid On an island I lay in a mystical bay,: In the dream I dreamed I was dreaming. Yet I thought in the dream that I dreamed I dreamed :I dreamed I crouched within a circle of stones I dreamed I was a goldfish Then I dreamed I kissed... Then I dreamed I kissed...I dreamed I threw someone out a window and when they hit the ground they shattered Your reverence, I dreamed I saw a pond which was deep in the middle and shallow by the shore. It was filled with all five kinds of lotuses, I dreamed I had a girlfriend She called me honey I dreamed I was cool I dreamed I had a boyfriend He called me dear I dreamed I was beautiful I dreamed I rolled on the ocean floor I dreamed I slept on the ocean bed I dreamed I could hear a train whistle I dreamed I was dying I dreamed that my soul rose unexpectedly I dreamed I was flying Your reverence, I dreamed I saw a golden plate worth a hundred thousand pieces of money. People were holding it and coaxing an old skinny jackal to urinate ...I dreamed I owned two chimpanzees, and that computers were alive and had sprung arms and legs and were trying to catch me. I dreamed I stole two old ladies' purses from a bar bathroom I dreamed I was Princess of Bombay Inspecting my army one Monday A thousand men came marching by Each looked like you Today I dreamed I was in the middle of a volcano and instead of burning I was drowning in the lava. I dreamed I was a sly red fox and I was in a big blue box one day I dreamed I was walking along in the dark and was all of a sudden surrounded by dogs, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun I dreamed I became a bird Where was the voice of the bird in the dream? I dreamed I was I dreamed I was a shadow I dreamed I lived I lived beneath the burning I dreamed I was I dreamed that I was gorgeous I dreamed I stopped; I turned around, I thought, "Why am I leaving?" And the dust stretched on before me Soft as breathing.

For Marilyn "Shadow" Dammann, why did you leave us, bereft without you.


Anonymous Anonimo said...

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Blogger Renee Wagemans said...

You can prevent this sort of comment by changing your settings
Allow no anonimous comment
Add verification "the letters" thing
than the spambots can not find you

9:54 AM, settembre 02, 2005  
Blogger Sghinopaullimo said...

Thanx Renee for the suggestions.

greetings from mediterrean sea

11:09 AM, settembre 03, 2005  
Blogger k. k. said...

Paullimo, when you posted the poem I wish you also had posted my dedication to Marilyn since it goes with the poem and echos the last two lines of the poem.

For Marilyn "Shadow" Dammann, why did you leave us, bereft without you.

6:56 AM, settembre 07, 2005  

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