mail art Dream Project - dedicated to Marilyn Dammann "Shadow"

In this project I want to gather the dreams in the textual or visual versions from all those who want to share them. If you want, you can send to me your dreams via snail mail or via e-mail. You find the addresses in my profile.

sabato, giugno 18, 2005

Pasquale Basile

Tocco....amore. Guardo.....amore. Sento.....amore.
Ma perchè sono nato,se tutto l'amore che vedo, non lo posso catturare? Tutto sfugge, tutto apparentemente resta, nulla è. Lo gnomo, si gratò il capo, si stirò la lunga barba, si aggiustò il cappello e piangendo si perse nel bosco mentre tutti gli uccelli, commossi da tanto dolore, per
rispetto, tacquero.


I touch... love. I see... love. I feel... love.
However, what was I born for, if I can't catch all the love I see? Everything slips away,everything seemingly remains, nothing is. The gnome, scratched his head, straightened his long beard, neatened his hat and weeping melted into the wood. While all the birds, affected by much sorrow, out of respect, fell silent.