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domenica, giugno 19, 2005

Gilda Camero

The constellation of Cleardawn is the constellation of the things at the beginning and is governed by the albino and loving fairy after whom it is named. It is one of the most charming because is made up by the famous water stars, very similar to the earth's soap bubbles. In these enormous fluid spheres, all of different colors, but grouped into gradation orders, everything is soft to the touch, as smooth as silk and even food never hardens. The inhabitants of this weird constellation, the Cleardawners are creatures projected into the future, and always talk about what they will do, they will eat, they will see. Obviously their language is only conjugated in the future tense. And, always looking forward to what will be, all of them are optimistic, enjoy themselves and keep on telling themselves that tomorrow will go better. Each water star, transparent and scented, thanks to an odd heavenly law is good at to be hanging and at the same time swaying ( so its inhabitants always feel rocked and cuddled, although not being babies) and has an extraordinary natural landscape: the trees are made of a material very similar to thin copper and the flowers are beads, blue or pink or green. Often the Cleardawners use this coloured beads to adorn themselves for soirées. When these beads lighten, and against the sky, appear fabulous drawings, whirls and scrollworks made of clouds. Generally, when they greet, the inhabitants of these stars hugs each other and remain this way to exchange affections for fifteen minutes at least. A shorter time is seen as a great rudeness, a longer as a sign of intense tie. They often exchange star fruit drops , meteor nougats, a delicacy one could find only here and chocolates of every kind, shape and size for the joy of the little ones. The children of this constellation live in complete freedom, they don't have to go to school because there is a sophisticated system that makes them learn everything by swallowing a special drink, a magic juice that changes according to the subject to assume. Many, those that drink great quantities of it are genius when they are five or six years old, even in music, since some instruments spontaneusly emerge on the water stars; all these instruments strickly out of future that only the Cleardawners can play. Each star implies the secret of a thing of the beginning: there's the star of the one that is crossing the threshold and kissing his waiting wife, that of the one who is starting a new job, that of the one who is setting out, ready with his suitcases to explore the sky. There's the first schoolday star, there's the star of the first caress over the hair , of the first kiss. That of the first shaken hand, of the first love weeping, of the first time when the eyes met the sea. Cleardawn is a suspended world where everybody wishes to go but first you need to take up the way of dreams...


Anonymous Anonimo said...

Gilda Camero is a fine and wonderful poet. I loved both of these postings.
Thank You
Dawn Amato

7:17 AM, settembre 02, 2005  

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