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In this project I want to gather the dreams in the textual or visual versions from all those who want to share them. If you want, you can send to me your dreams via snail mail or via e-mail. You find the addresses in my profile.

martedì, giugno 07, 2005

Antonella Di Giulio

It’s time to meet me on the sunny road.

Late morning lights merrily filled the house spreading through the shutters’ slits. And the air all around, wrapped overbearingly in the glittering light beams, was painting the objects in images and new shapes.

It was a new house, merry, airy and quiet like immersed in an ancient unchanged peace.
By opening the window in the surrounding area you would make out the height given by the
pine- woods lightly shaken by the wind which, above up would stroke the treetops. And the rough unceasing deeply deafening sound of a downhill stream in the inside .

The outside park prefigured the sight of a world of fragrant warm wood framing that fluid circular sights and sounds of the house. Here and there spots of colour were discerned delicate like hardly sketched buds of past moments. A kiss. A caress.
What was needed then, after going in , was to pass through this space that time was provided with.

Nevertheless some clues was needed. A point from where to start to unwind the light-blue skein
that was created by the beams of the new light that had got in with almost sweet and desired violence.
Roads are not built through children’s imagination.
Hence, that outside world so secure and solid bent to the lament of a dream that although changing , was repeated similar to itself, every 10 years .
Among the pine-trees, afterward, we found ourselves with oaks crowded with future lives and round clear deep sounds. And flavours and colours.
And love.
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