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In this project I want to gather the dreams in the textual or visual versions from all those who want to share them. If you want, you can send to me your dreams via snail mail or via e-mail. You find the addresses in my profile.

martedì, giugno 07, 2005

Alessandra Selmi


Last night I dreamt of a child. A newborn, few months old. It had not happened to me by now for quite a long time and I considered myself lucky. This time,however, I had not begotten it, it was my mother's child. They conceived him and had brought him into the world, my parents, lately and for mistake and they were also some overpowered by it. But however the dream has not developed this aspect. It is assembled on a central scene, cliffhanger,: the child was in the baby carriage, alone. He cried desperately, as just the small ones know how . I cautiously drew near him. I looked at him. He cried and he felt lonely. Then I approached my left hand index to one of his little hands, slowly, with prudence. And quickly he grabbed it and it tightened it strong, calming himself.
It fell asleep blessed strongly tightening my finger.
He had recognized me.
We had recognized each other there.
To that point caution and prudence abandoned me, I stooped me on him and I tightened him with my arms, crushed by a wave of emotions that left me without breath.
I have felt relieved in the dream while I was tightening that child in my arms. What an idea! I cannot have a baby and then my mother had one.
Therefore I have my own child.
There is a solution for every thing.
No, I haven’t. My mother cannot have a baby anymore.
But why have I dreamt of a baby again? For months it hadn't happened. And what am I doing now with this dull pain I feel at the mouth of my stomach now?
It is not like when a love story ends , that you know, you hope to fall in love again sooner or later and the sadness will end and you will be happy again.
For this pain there is not a solution, neither a time.
Once it often happened me to dream a child. The dream always began just before the birth. The contractions began and me ,I was afraid, but also in a happy anxiety. I lived the suffering, the birth (always enough soft, otherwise what one dreams for?) and then the birth. I woke up happy and a feeling of comfort wrapped me for the whole day.